1. Upon arrival, all guests are required to sanitize their hands and complete a Precautionary Coronavirus Form.
2. To Promote social distancing, we are staggering our bookings and are limiting the number of clients in the spa.
3. Guests are required to wear a mask when entering the Spa.
4. We encourage all guests who are feeling unwell or feeling sick to please stay home.
Public and workplace safety is our top priority.
1. Our employees will be wearing masks at all times, and face shields when performing facial treatments.
2. Our employees wash and sanitize their hands after every client interaction.
3. We perform a full sanitization of all treatment spaces between each service to ensure customer and employee safety.
4. Employees who feel ill or have a fever will be asked to stay at home and self-isolate until a minimum period of time has elapsed and they have successfully screened to return to work.